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To situate this work in relation to dominant theories of technology, Diamond Art Canada I draw on Feenberg (2002), who argues that most established theories have been of two general types. In sum, IndieWeb’s proposal to build an alternative to currently dominant systems rejects the notion of technology as destiny. These texts have investigated how this has served capital (Srnicek 2017), proposed ways to build new platforms to support co-operative ownership and work (Scholz and Schneider 2016), criticized platforms’ capacity for racism (Matamoros-Fernández 2017), and challenged the suitability of platforms to support feminist politics (Singh 2018).

Plantin, Lagoze, Peinture Diamant et al. For example, Google Maps’ early appeal was not oriented around the quality of its maps, Diamond Painting but instead (1) its fluid user-interface for accessing essentially the same data that was already available through competing platforms, (2) allowing other Web developers to build upon its maps using an API (Plantin and Powell 2016). Both by hosting content created by users, and aggregating access to existing knowledge through attractive interfaces (both user-facing and Diamond Painting France programmable), platforms have become significant gatekeepers.

Where entities such as corporate Web platforms are viewed as dominating, this is not regarded as a fundamental feature of technology but instead as a consequence of design decisions. On the one hand, if technology is a mere instrumentality, indifferent to values, then its design is not an issue in a political debate, Diamond Art UK only the range and efficiency of its application. The question is not only who profits and controls, but who, and what, is cast aside along the way.

This tends to be the position most evident among political economists, who emphasize the role of social power. The soft embodied position recognizes that technologies «do not literally embody an intention or value», that designers themselves are shaped by external forces, and Diamond Art UK that many technologies are not widely adopted (2003, p 1179). But it still argues that those technologies that do take hold can ensure certain kinds of behaviour. Second, the exogenous position argues that societal forces significantly shape how technologies are used.

McChesney (2013) argues that political economic analysis can help move beyond the bounds of either approach to help celebrants understand «the political economic world in which they actually live» (2013, p.

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